American Songbook Series: Kristin Chenowith

KcTitled Dames of Broadway…All of ‘Em!!!, I found this show to be a disappointment. With a big name and a big personality, I expected more. I found the program fairly dull with lapses in memory on words. And what was with drinking a big Coke on stage? While I found her accompanist/musical director to be outstanding, providing some very sensitive playing, the bass player and drummer were underutilized. The most underutilized of the evening, however, were the four back-up singers on Moonshine Lullaby. Really? These guys came out for that? And just that?

I don’t understand what people see in Kristin Chenowith. A mediocre show that did not live up to it’s name or hype.

Click here for the evening song list.

American Songbook Series: Karen Akers

akersThe American Songbook Series is an annual event presented by Lincoln Center to feature a wide range of performers presenting the American songbook in a broad interpretation. Singer Karen Akers presented a program of traditional classics and new works the evening of February 1 in the Allen Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

I wouldn’t say Akers is my favorite performer. While the rather brief show seemed too staged and a bit stilted, I did enjoy her interpretations from the musical Nine (of which she was a star in the original), the newer musical Next to Normal and Sondheim’s Into the Woods.