New York Philharmonic: Bronfman Plays Beethoven – Week 1

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 12.50.28 PMTo conclude the Philharmonic season, music director Alan Gilbert has programmed all 5 Beethoven Piano Concertos played by soloist Yefim Bronfman over a period of three weeks. This evening we heard Concertos #1 and #4. Between the two, the Philharmonic presented a commission premier, Lyra by Anthony Cheung. I’m looking forward to next weekend when we hear Piano Concertos #2 and #3. The final week of the festival will showcase Piano Concerto #5 and the Beethoven Triple Concerto.

New York Times review of the Beethoven Piano Concertos #1 and #4 performed by Yefim Bronfman and the New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert, Music Director.



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