New York Philharmonic – All-American Program

gilbertIn this all-American program (and all-Ivy League as I learned in the pre-concert talk), we got hear music from three generations of contemporary composers: Christopher Rouse (Prospero’s Room), Leonard Bernstein (Serenade for Violin, String Orchestra, Harp, and Percussion), and Charles Ives (Symphony #4). For some, a full concert of contemporary music might seem a bit much, but this evening’s collection served up a rather satisfying experience, especially with the addition of conductor, Alan Gilbert and violin soloist, Joshua Bell.

I was thinking about why I enjoy attending the Philharmonic so much. It has to do with excellence. Even as an audience member, I get to be a part of a musical event that embodies what we think of as excellence. While each program contains choices of musical selections that may or may not appeal, the performance is always of the highest quality. And that is very satisfying.

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