Bennewitz Quartet

photoThis is the third time in five years the Bennewitz Quartet from Czechoslovakia has played on the Chamber Music Society season. I can see why they have been back so frequently in such a short period of time. This group was fascinating to watch. Their synergy was evident in the clarity of the musical line and their physical involvement with the music, often almost telepathically moving the musical line from player to player. The dynamic range of the group was so incredible, often sharing with us the softest of pianissimo with full control.

The group provided a program of Ravel (Quartet in F Major for String), Martinu (Quartet No. 3 in F Major for String) and Schumann (Quartet in A Major for String). The first half – Ravel and Martinu – provided a nice study in how composers use color. Not the most “pretty” of pieces, but certainly beautiful.

Check out the Chamber Music Society’s Facebook page for more information on the Bennewitz and the program they presented.

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