Metropolitan Opera – Le Comte Ory

oryIt’s only February but this season of opera is winding down with the third to last visit to the Met to see Rossini’s Le Comte Ory. I saw this opera a few years ago and very much enjoyed listening to the music and the virtuosity of the singers.

In this performance, Juan Diego Florez played the lead of the Count Ory. An early announcement indicated he was experiencing a chest cold. However, you would have never guessed that was the case as he effortlessly maneuvered fast and high vocal passages. Another wonderful performance was delivered Pretty Yende as Countess Adele. The crowd provided both these performers with just rewards in terms of applause.

From the reviews:

“As the lecherous Count Ory, tenor Juan Diego Florez repeated the virtuoso performance he gave two seasons ago. His unique combination of slightly goofy charm, deft comic timing, and prodigious vocal agility made him downright irresistible” (AP).

Pretty Yende made a memorable debut as Countess Adèle. “It’s easy to see why this gifted and ingratiating performer is causing such a stir. Her voice has a lovely silvery sparkle to it, her manner onstage is relaxed yet commanding — and as for looks, her first name scarcely does her justice.” (AP)

By Randy Ziegenfuss Posted in Opera

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